Three Things I Can’t Live Without

I definitely cannot live without my chocolate, travel, or my laptop. First, I can’t live without chocolate because it cheers me up and gives energy. I usually eat it when I’m stressed out, or I eat salty food. I like every chocolate processed food. For example, ice cream, cake, bread, and milk. I eat this about three times a week. I prefer “kit kat” and “minishell” which are sold in every market. Next, I can’t live without travel. I like both domestic and foreign travel. My favorite Korean spot is Jeju Island because I love wonderful nature. It is the most unique landscape in Korea that I saw. In foreign travel, I have been to China, Japan, and Russia. Last summer vacation, I went to Vladivostok in Russia. It was totally different than Asia countries, so I was impressed. Last, I can’t live without my laptop because I can watch movies and find celebrity articles. These are my hobbies, so I  use laptop everyday. My laptop is from Samsung, and it is black. It still works well, but there is not much memory. I also use it when I have an assignment. It is the most precious thing because I wish to have it for a long time.

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