My Dream Vacation

I would like to go to the United States on my dream vacation. It is famous as a huge country with wonderful natural scenery and various amazing cities. I would like to go camping, hiking, eat local foods, and make great America friends.  I think next year is the best time to go there because … More My Dream Vacation

My Classmate

My classmate Kim Hye-eun has the best friendliest girl i have met in my life. She is twenty three years old, and her birthday is January 25th. She studies Physical Education. She wants to be a police officer because she witnessed crime before. Her role model is Lee Kyung-kun who is an active and positive … More My Classmate

My Hometown

I really love my hometown of  Jeonju. I live there for eighteen years.  Jeonju is a traditional city. A long time ago, Jeonju was Baekje‘s capital, so there are lots of cultural treasures. The most famous place is the Hanok Village. There are so many hanok, which is Korea’s traditional house. It is very huge … More My Hometown