My Hometown

I really love my hometown of  Jeonju. I live there for eighteen years.  Jeonju is a traditional city. A long time ago, Jeonju was Baekje‘s capital, so there are lots of cultural treasures. The most famous place is the Hanok Village. There are so many hanok, which is Korea’s traditional house. It is very huge and tidy. There are many restaurants, cafes, handicraft stores and convenient accommodation. Moreover, there is old catholic church, an old confucian school and a museum.  Jeonju’s the most famous dishes are bibimbap and kongnamul kukbap.  Jeonju has festivals for paper, music, film and bibimbap. I usually hang out nearby Chonbuk National University and downtown. We can drink, eat out, watch movies and shopping.   Jeonju is a peaceful city because it has not terrible natural disaster.  Also, there are no traffic jams in daily life. I love my hometown, but i want to live other country in the future.

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