I Can’t Live without A-young!

My friend, A-young, makes me the happiest. She is important as much as giving up my school life. I have known her about two years. Last year, In schoolmate meeting, I first met her. She was quiet and not hang out with me, but now she is my best friend in university. I like to go on a trip everywhere with her. We have been to Gwangyang, Seoul, Suwon, and Busan. Next year, we will go to Jeju Island together. As well, I like to drink beer with her. We drink together about twice a month. While we are drinking, we are listening each other’s worries. I see her almost everyday because we get in touch everyday. She is tall, and she has a red hair. She is undergraduate, and her hobbies are finding celebrity articles and watching TV. Her dream is marry with G-dragon. For these reasons, she is the most important friend in my life.

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