In my own words, old story or experience is a superstition. There are few commonly believed superstition in Korea, for example, the number four, writing a person’s name with a red pen, and dreaming of a pig are all common belief. However, the most unusual superstition that I ever heard about from another culture is about a rabbit’s foot. People think a rabbit’s foot brings lucky because the rabbit runs fast, so they cut off their foot and keep it for good luck. My mother is the most superstitious person that I know because she is always warning me when I place my spoon face down. When I do this, she thinks my luck will run out. I’m a little superstitious because I have a lucky number the number eight. I live on the eight floor, and my house address has two eights. In the future, I think people will be less superstitious because science will prove superstition illogical.



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